July 4, 2016

Poetry should be removed from the curriculum



Poetry can be treated as a part of aesthetic education while it appeals to our emotions by the perception of sound. Recognition of poems contributes to the aesthetic awareness as it makes individuals decipher encoded information and understand artistic value of rhymed piece of writing. However, not every person is able to read between the lines and catch the intention of author. For this reason many people consider poetry as a redundant and indistinct part of literature. A lot of parents, for example, insist on poetry being removed from curriculum so that children could not be forced to waste their time on such unimportant things.

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For centuries poetry was considered as writing of exceptional quality and high artistic value in the greatest cultures of the world. Numerous poems of ancient world and later periods have preserved till now, and contemporary literature considers poetry as its integral part as well. These solid statements do not allow teachers to modify curriculum by excluding poetry. No comprehensive understanding of arts can be achieved without rhymed lines being processed in the mind of students.  This step cannot be implemented at schools as it contradicts striving to overall development of society and high quality of education provided by schools.

It is quite clear that not every student will appreciate poetic structure of writing, but still it does not mean that no poetry must be taught to students at all. If the majority has difficulties with understanding of this precise type of literary art, it shall rather take less time than other more popular genres.


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