June 5, 2018

Media and stereotypes. Essay sample


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One of the most significant things to highlight regarding the issue in question is that most media still present the same outdated concepts which is why it is so hard to get rid of all those stereotypes that currently exist in our society. These stereotypes include such ideas as boys being more suitable for certain jobs or boys being smarter than girls and tons of others.

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What is particularly bad about the current state of affairs is that it teaches the young generation that such stereotypes are totally normal. Besides, they are present in almost every TV show or movie that is targeted at a young audience. Thus, it is time to do more about it and to get rid of these outdated ideas and gender divisions.

According to the research in which more than 150 books, articles and other social-scientific materials where analyzed, the stereotypes in the media are still persistent. What is more, they have a huge impact on the young boys and girls meaning that they teach the younger generation what the society expects of a particular gender. Apart from that, this is the time when kids are most receptive which presupposes that they are influenced easily. As a result of that, these stereotypes unfortunately stick.

Taking everything into consideration, the media as well as Hollywood need to make more progress and find ways to get rid of presenting the same outdated stereotypes in all forms of content they produce. Then, it will be possible to change the way in which we view genders for the better.

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