May 28, 2016

Marriage between the same sexes – should be made legal or not



When we come to the point of same-sex marriages, debates immediately transfer from personal business to the public policy. Despite the general tendency towards equality, social perception of LGBT groups still differs. Adherents of liberals favor legalization of gay marriages, while conservators deeply condemn such perspective. Both of them rationalize their opinions with the help of religious and legal sources.

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To explore the conflict more closely it is important to get rid of any bias which follows humans for ages. First of all, it concerns religious statements and prejudices. According to the Holy Scripture a family was destined to be created between heterosexual individuals. Though Bible do not address to the homosexual communities directly, they are supposed to be “creatures from the evil”. On the other side, proponents of same-sex marriage usually refer to the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which guarantees equal rights to the citizens and their protection by law, however, homosexual individuals are not mentioned here either.

As all the argumentation is vague, we can assume that people shall be allowed to display their true identity, including marrying same-sex persons. This act does not imply any harm done to social environment so there is no point banning such marriages. However, certain restriction must be put to this controversial decision. As the childbirth is natural only to heterosexual couples, same-sex partners shall not be allowed to adopt children. We must consider things as they are designed by the nature, and if two humans of the same sex cannot bare a child, they shall not be allowed to become parents in any other way. And if they do not like the perspective, they should think twice what is a prior treasure: beloved partner or a partner which is able to produce offspring.


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