March 20, 2018

Managerial ethics essay sample

Being ethical is a universal requirement, but no area needs ethics as strong as business does. No doubt, numerous ethical approaches exist, but none of them is right for everyone. This is the place where companies have to make their point. They create rules to which all of their employees submit, both managers and subordinates. However beneficial the code of conduct might seem, it may put some segment of workers at disadvantage. That is why leaders have to decide how to make their supervision ethical to most employees.

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As we already mentioned, no action benefits everyone. There are several approaches managers may take to ensure ethics in the workplace. Utilitarianism argues that the morally-right decision benefits the majority even if minority will be at disadvantage. Individualism advocates personal benefits for everyone even though they may foster hostility and separation.

There is also no agreement according to what is fair in the workplace. Many managers take a care-ethics approach, but then they have to choose who gets certain benefits. For example, a manager allows some category of people to choose their vacations and days off in the first place. Are they single parents who devote their free time to family completely or are they senior employees who have worked at the company for the longest time? Managers need all of their morality and justice to make their ethics rules as beneficial as possible.

Obviously, one cannot be an all-around positive manager. That is why they shall put their position clear. Reward what you cherish most in your employees, and try not to be biased to anyone. Being ethical seems easy, but in fact, it is not so simple to be fair to everyone in a big team.

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