December 19, 2017

Majority rule in Africa essay sample


The issue of the majority of rule is connected with the subject of apartheid in South Africa. Yet, the topic of majority rule is related to the era of postapartheid in this country.

Nelson Mandela become the president of the ANC in 1991. His main idea was to settle the conflict peacefully and he did everything he could in order to pursue that goal. Luckily, the peaceful agreement regarding the future of South Africa was reached in 1993. Nelson Mandela received a Nobel Peace Prize for this achievement later.

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As a result of election, the new government emerged. It helped to to provide the people of South Africa with better education options, as well as improved sanitation, electricity, running water and housing in general. Another important issue was to increase the economic growth of the country. Want to find out more about the issue of majority rule in South Africa? Need more information? Would like to take a look at examples? Feel free to familiarize yourself with everything you need at …

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