May 28, 2016

Liberal lifestyle vs the conservative ones



The meaning of liberalism and conservativism are already clear from their names. Two opposite political directions represent left and right wings respectively; their views towards policies, economic strategies, and social phenomena differ drastically. Though both these directions are aimed at achieving common good, like freedom, education, and healthcare, they approach different ways in realization of these concepts.

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Taking into account differences in political views, liberals put much stress on governmental authority to regulate educational and healthcare processes. The authorities must also take care about   system of social security which ensures existence for the citizens in need of protection. According to conservative point of view, the government should have less power in regulation and intrusion into the private sector which makes damage to the market relationships. Privatization should be conducted towards numerous governmental possessions, including social security.

In the field of economy liberals stick to the principle “take away from the rich and give to the poor”. Consequently, additional taxes can be applied for people with high incomes in order to invest this money into the social programs for population. Their opponents, on the other hand, are assured that high taxes will bring down the economy; that is why private enterprises should have no burden of taxes to be able to reinvest their money.

No less radical is the opposition of these political clans towards current social phenomena. Liberals support equality of humans in all dimensions. It refers to providing rights for LGBT groups, ensuring right for abortion, allowing scientific researches on stem cells, and restricting use of arms. Their opponents are extremely conservative in this respect, as they treat same-sex marriages and abortions as crimes which must be punished.

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