July 4, 2016

It is never appropriate for the government to restrict freedom of speech



Such indisputable human right as freedom of speech is a clear indicator of sound governmental policy in any country. In the course of history it happened so that in some countries unrestricted expressions are an integral part of social life now, while the others put much stronger accent upon their freedoms and struggle for every anti-governmental saying to remain unpunished. In small countries where freedom of speech was suppressed for ages it is considered to be a manifestation of truth and wisdom of nation, but large multinational states where dozens of nationalities are to coexist with each other peacefully and comfortably observe this human right from the other point of view.

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Freedom of speech can also be tricky and ambiguous concept, especially in terms of modern world. It is frequently destructive when hating or malicious points of view towards national, sexual or any other type of minorities are expressed. It is a common reality for large multinational societies where people excluded from the majority will always feel insulted and offended. Due to this fact thorough moderation of expressions in mass media, internet resources, other means of public communication is required not to mute politically undesirable beliefs but to make citizens equal and protect their rights.

There is a slight borderline between discharging expressions for one’s own good or for the good of millions. In case the latter happens, malevolent individuals know what they have done wrong even if they continue to call reasonable moderation as violation of human rights. Nevertheless, restricting freedom of speech must not become an object of governmental overuse and manipulation.

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