May 25, 2018

Is it possible for a universal coalition to form against racism? Essay sample

Racism essay sampleTo most countries with the post-colonial status, equality remains a problem. Hierarchical relations that defined colonial or totalitarian regimes generally proclaim discrimination of lower social classes. These relations have ingrained so deep in social consciousness that people keep discriminating each other long after Nazism and colonialism have gone. Fear and violence are often promoted for political reasons, which disturbs the development of social mind. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights became the first and foremost document that recognized dignity and equality of all people. However, despite the legal efforts that took place for the last 70 years, racial prejudice still goes on.

As civil right activist Jesse Jackson spoke at the recent UN event, “massive global coalition of conscience” shall secure human rights for all. That was a figural expression, however. We cannot imagine any collective actions that will cut out discrimination entirely, nevertheless, effective laws work best in this direction. Since the day Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech in Washington, D.C., quite a lot of thongs have changed for people of color. Now all people irrespective of their race can vote in their country, take loans, rent accommodations, and enjoy more political and social benefits. The bias is gradually decreasing as all societies keep developing.

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