July 1, 2016

Is it ever OK to tell a lie? What if it would save someone’s life?



Dishonesty belongs to the range of moral problems which can be treated as both positive and negative under different circumstances. From the early childhood we teach children that lying is foul and offensive type of behavior which has no place in interpersonal relations. However, not so many people build their relations with the others on telling exceptionally the truth. As we have grown up each of us appeared to have their own reasons for disguising reality, frequently out of our own greed, and sometimes intending to make life of others better.

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Taking into account current reality, each adult makes their own mind on whether their lies is positive or negative. Investigation of person’s intention will be enough to make such judgment. Surely, in most cases we trick other people, spread rumors, and provide incorrect information to save authority and favorable condition for ourselves. Frequently it goes along with compromising others and neglecting everything but own gain. Such model of behavior is immoral and destructive, as it is likely to ruin people close to us.

However, there is the other type of lies aimed to protect people from disappointment. Various situation can happen in which relatives conceal true stories from their loved ones while they try to solve the problem or compensate losses. We cannot say that such behavior ought to be condemned; our modern conditions have turned many good features into bad and vice versa. In general, every lies can be justified only if it was said for benefits of others.

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