May 28, 2016

Increased drug and alcohol abuse amongst teenagers



Cases of overuse in substances have considerably increased among teenagers over the last decade. Due to various reasons more youngsters become smokers and heavy drinkers. Situation with uncontrolled flow of drugs does not seem to be solved in the near future as well.

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Why do children use substances so frequently? Poor education and upbringing seems to be the most obvious reason for that. From the early age children get insufficient amount of attention from their parents, consequently they distrust their family and later try to find more appreciation among peers. School education does not seem worthy to teenagers, and teachers present no authority either. Besides, advertising and experience of elder comrades persuade younger students that using drugs is a way to become popular and cool. Agonies of adolescence also must be mentioned as a drive to start drinking: mood swings and nerves make stress which seems to vanish after a strong drink.

Drug abuse, in its turn, is exacerbated by a mess in a system of doctors’ prescriptions. As the united database of the patients which have been prescribed strong drugs exists only in some states, people can frequently speculate on visiting doctors. No wonder that teenagers, especially those from wealthy families, have an access for drugs if they have enough money to pay. And if they have not it is a perfect reason for theft or burglary.

According to the unsatisfactory numbers of statistics, drugs and alcohol used by underage come out of control with every year. Juvenile delinquents can be punished according to the law but it does not affect major reasons of such behavior.

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