July 1, 2016

In what ways should the school year be rearranged?



On the rebound of criticizing the system of schooling in the US the question of changing K-12 school calender became urgent. Several opinions exist in this respect according to which the school year must be either extended for more than 180 days, or the schedule and amount of vacations must be rearranged. In the first case the change involves developing new curricula that will provide more material for students to be taught and more subjects to be implemented. The second approach does not imply any changes in the school plan, nevertheless, it foresees stretching the amount of material more evenly during the year with the help of breaking 3-months summer vacations into three or four smaller parts while traditional holiday vacations remain unaffected.

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The reason for debates rising around a large summer break being far too outdated concerns numerous claims of educators that students forget all they knew before the vacations. Tradition of taking a long summer rest is considered to be a trace of former agricultural society which needed more labor force in summer. Such occupation is no more inherent to Americans, therefore extensive vacations imply nothing but tradition. And in countries which have already implemented year-round schooling students show better success than they did before. American students, in their turn, are frequently outrun in academic success by their foreign peers.

Educational reform is a comprehensive project which shall include innovations made in all its spheres. It is not enough just to change assessment of students success, or modernize premises. Positive result can be achieved in the only case if all measures are taken in complex.

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