July 9, 2018

In His Steps. Essay sample


To begin with, the main message of the book ‘In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do?’ is to lead the life in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

What is important to highlight is that the book is based on the author’s lectures to his congregation. Thus, his sermons are mostly concentrated on the ways in which one can lead a loving life on earth rather than on trying to find redemption from sin.

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Speaking about the major themes in the book ‘In His Steps’, they tend to follow the ideas of Jesus Christ. The author of his best-selling book is mostly concentrated on the importance of being compassionate towards all people on the planet.

The key question throughout the whole book is ‘What would Jesus do?’. A lot of characters of the book ask this question even though some of them only pretend to do so. Besides, some characters simply stop to ask this question when it no longer suits them or the decisions which they are about to make. There are also characters who keep asking this question throughout the whole book no matter what obstacles they face or the results they achieve. What is interesting to highlight is that there was a sequel to the book called ‘Jesus Is Here’. Its plot is as follows: Jesus has long deep conversations with the characters that were introduced in the first novel.

Taking everything into consideration, ‘In His Steps’ is a best-selling book written by Charles Monroe Sheldon. It focuses on the idea of being compassionate towards other people as well as constantly mulling over what Jesus would do in a situation which a person finds themselves in.

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