July 6, 2017

Importance of product knowledge



Among all the tools used to boost sales, product knowledge is an obvious and the most frequently ignored one. Information about the product or service is the first thing the sales team is entitled to know, and it seems nothing can go wrong. Nevertheless, sales representatives are people too, and they can overlook some important qualities of the product. In some cases, both clients and managers get confused with the range of products that seem identical. Besides, salespeople may receive complaints of all kinds from the clients, and they will be unable to address them adequately without the solid knowledge of the product or service in question.

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Good product knowledge is a must for building trust with a client. Naturally, clients hope that salespeople will confidently answer all their questions and offer the most suitable product option. In case if a salesperson stammers and repeats what is already said, the customer starts to hesitate. Poor product awareness undermines trust both to the retailer and the brand. In some cases, the information provided by the sales specialist does not correspond information given at the official website, for example. So it is no good if the client has better awareness than the salesperson.

Effective work of a sales team depends on how well they know the product, and how it is different from the others. Speaking about the product with enthusiasm is also crucial for boosting sales, but high spirits do little help if there is no factual information in the speech.

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