May 28, 2016

Identity and Globalization



The process of globalization does not affect only political and economic processes around the world; it influences our self-identification and determining our place among other nationalities. Human identity is an umbrella term which includes realization of who we are on our own, within social groups and communities to which we belong, and our connection to the world in its broad meaning. And if globalization contributes to human interaction between nations all over the world, it certainly implies assimilation and homogenization for all of them.

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Globalization influences our identity in two ways. Firstly, it creates a room for sharing similar norms, trends, and items among most nations in the world; secondly, it provides personal development and a chance to show personal uniqueness and being unlike other people in the globalized society. In the first case we deal with assimilation that is achieved due to the popularization of trends. These trends refer to material goods and products as well as to patterns of behavior and social norms. In this respect advertising is a potent means of globalization which persuades global audience that the best devices, cloths, household appliances are made by the largest international concerns. The meaning of local goods is diminished, while products of world famous companies are excessively promoted. In such conditions all individuals assimilate, they look alike and all buy the same goods. On the other hand, popularization of one’s own identity is same possible in globalized world. It can be clearly seen on the example of national minorities which unite on the social network and create web-pages dedicated to enlightenment of their values and beliefs so that majority of people does not forget that national minorities preserve a part of their genuine identity.


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