June 28, 2016

How will the world be different in one hundred years?



The world around us changes extremely fast, and we owe it to the rush of technologies, in the first place. Not only our habits and activities transform with the flow of time but also topics of concern, quality of life, and career perspectives. As we can observe even now, the tendency towards higher living standards and increased well-being of the average individuals on our planet gradually strengthens. And what do we expect to see happening in one century? Obviously, not destruction, degradation, and downfall.

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Probably, the first benefit we expect from scientific progress is the medicine from the most pressing diseases of our time. Researchers has already made their first steps towards curing cancer and supporting normal state of patients with HIV/AIDS. The very start of the revolution in medicine was loomed by discovering of antibiotics made yet in the early twentieth century in Europe, and by the present moment many more life-saving substances have been investigated in the field.

The next change we look forward to meet in our future is beating poverty around the globe. Despite high standards of living registered in developed countries, many nations still suffer in poverty and struggle for their existence in the countries with poor natural resources and without any experience of civilization implemented in form of infrastructure, for example. While for some people it is just difficult to imagine that such a range of poverty can occur to modern societies, it has never ceased to exist.

Wishing a better world for tomorrow we expect more equality and balance not only between humans but also in their relations with the nature. All negative changes we observe nowadays shall be stopped by shared efforts of people around the earth.

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