May 28, 2016

How to overcome fear

Fear is a considerable bulk on our way to accomplishing any goal. This complex emotion does not only occur when we are scared of some material objects like mice or spiders;  frequently fear of uncertainty or future events makes our burden much heavier than it actually is. Due to the deep and potent roots fear spreads in our mind, it has never been easy to combat this emotion. Harboring phobias in our heads we let them take a comprehensive control over our actions which is really difficult to call off.

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The process of overcoming fear comprises a few stages as it is actually impossible to stop being anxious only because we do not like it or cannot live a normal life with our fears. As a rule, their causes are concealed deep in our mind or even in subconscious. Counseling is a right way to approach phobias of various nature; it is always useful to share a burden of fears with someone who can make more associations than we can. And after we have discovered the reason for our importunate troubled state, we shall modify our attitude towards the factor which gives us no rest. Learning to co-exist with realities that disturb our homeostasis and undermine not only spirits but, certainly, health is crucial as frequently we cannot avoid or remove objects and events we face everyday.

Fearful people have rather a low resistance to stressing factors. They do not feel strong enough to approach a wide range of things that seem dangerous. For this reason changing a life philosophy is obvious for those who decided to cut off unsound fears.

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