July 4, 2016

How to be a smart consumer



Consumer society is a dimension of modern reality which requires us to purchase more goods and products. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong in the fact that on some particular stage of development any society starts to be consumer. On the other hand, we have faced the problem that many people cannot control their consumer drive so they end up as shopaholics who cannot wait until a new portion of salary arrives. In order to avoid negative effects society must learn how to be smart and responsible consumers and not to become victims of advertising.

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A wide range of products on the shelves of supermarkets still make some people anxious. As we live in multinational society not all of us (or our parents) always lived in wealth. A lush variety of goods seems like a blessing to those who got used to be in short of everything; on the other hand some people do not care about how much anything costs as they can allow it anyway, so why not to buy? But, surely, the greatest part of society becomes seduced with colorful and prosperous advertising; they try images from commercials at themselves and see how they become as wealthy and happy as characters of these short videos.

To be a smart consumer means to control our own desires and drives. Although it sounds simple, it is much more complicated to achieve in reality. Previously we got used to refuse ourselves in buying things while we could not afford them, and now it is time to refuse in order not to stock a pile of stuff we will never actually need at our homes.

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