July 1, 2016

How should grades be given? Should there even be grades? If not, what would be a good alternative?



A vast majority of educators claim that modern students became completely uninterested in grades they are given by the teacher. The reasons for that are multiple: most of kids give up on striding to academic success as they do not try hard enough, others blame their teachers of being prejudiced towards them and putting bad marks deliberately. As they say, “What is the use of trying if I get a bottom mark anyway?” Whatever has caused such attitude, the pressing reality puts us on revolutionary road: the system of grades is far too outdated.

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The problem with dismissal of grading touches upon the fact that there is nothing common grades can be succeeded with. Putting marks is the only accepted way to assess students abilities and knowledge. Besides, for some students grades remain to be a drive that motivates them to learn, compete with peers, thus achieve better results. And, surely, some of them are intimidated by the reaction of parents so that they at least try to achieve “satisfactory”. Taking into account this fact teachers still doubt that it would be reasonable to change current system with anything which is not even clearly defined by this time.

However imperfect the system of grades is, it can be improved by teachers and their own attitude towards students achieving different grades. Giving extra importance to the marks is a reasonable way to enhance students success. Youngsters shall feel responsible for their performance in order to become competitive in their adulthood.

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