July 1, 2016

How often should students be tested for a class grade? What about standardized testing for the state?



The system of school testing is a frequently debated topic among teachers and parents. As the standardized system of testing started to lose its efficiency, educators began to wonder in which cases tests remain important. It is necessary for schools to provide only the most effective methods of revealing skills of students as they enhance their motivation and help teachers to get a realistic picture of students’ results. We shall assume that standardized testing is not the only way to estimate ¬†academic progress, therefore other methods shall not be ignored.

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Routine or current control is an inherent part of the studying process which allows teachers to be aware which amount of material on each topic remained in students’ minds. For this reason routine tests must be conducted regularly, once a week, for example. Nevertheless, class grades shall be based not only on test results; they must cover work in the class, activity, performing group and creative tasks.

State examination is another part of estimating students success. It requires the highest responsibility because it concerns final marks for school leavers. Despite standardized tests being suitable for routine testing, state examination is much more comprehensive task. It would be highly inadvisable to rely only on testing in estimating a massive store of knowledge; far more rational decision would be to include various tasks into the state exam to check upon overall development of  students. Besides, we shall not forget that tests can act as a stressing factor for some students, so it is necessary not to diminish their chances for good marks due to the form of examination.

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