October 9, 2017

How mechanization has changed the quality of food? essay sample


On the one hand, mechanization at factories and plants has contributed greatly to the growing demand for food which basically means that most people have access to quality food whenever the need it. What is more, the variety of food products is huge as well.

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On the other hand, the mechanization has also caused the demand for fast food which has its negative impact on the health of the society. Furthermore, most people have stopped cooking at home. Thus, they do not get any pleasure from the process in general as eating has simply turned into the necessity rather than a ritual. The problem is that soon enough we might lose the art of cooking, to say nothing of the fact that people will completely stop paying attention to what they eat as well as where their food comes from.

What should also be highlighted in this respect is that cooking food is a social ritual as well meaning that it helps to bring people together. It is a great way to meet and chat with your friends asĀ  well while you are cooking something at someone’s home.


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