July 4, 2016

How does social media affect real life relationships?



Human interaction has certainly changed since the appearance of social networks. It became so convenient to manage businesses and solve problems online that people do not want to make extra efforts, like meetings or shared events. Even phone calls became rare occasions giving more place for chats and e-mails. Therefore people obviously became closer to one another (especially if they live far away from each other) but at the same time more distant as very little live communication takes place now.

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Social media are, actually, no curse; they were designed to cross the boundaries in communication and enhance globalization. Those who use social media moderately felt all these advantages and appreciated contribution of these services. However, it is impossible to object that social networks brought certain inconveniences for most people who are unable to log out. Their private life became overexposed to the environment, and malefactors obtained a wonderful source for gossips and intrusion. Moreover, people became literally addicted to social networks which frequently prevent them from performing such everyday tasks as work or study. One more disadvantage common for many users is social subtraction. People do not need to socialize as they substitute communication with online activities. Many of us feel even more lonely and scared of social interaction after Facebook appeared, and we continue to lose our communication skills.

The consequences of social networks are really vast; they affect people who sit on the same sofa staring into their cellphones instead of making a conversation as well as those who live miles away from each other. And whether this impact would be positive or negative is for each of us to decide.

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