July 6, 2017

How can we change the welfare system to help people escape generational poverty? essay sample



Generational poverty is a trap for people whose family was poor for several generations in the raw. Such families never rolled down in poverty because they always were poor, just as their ancestors. The saddest thing is that their children are very likely to remain poor too. First, parents do not encourage children to try hard. Education usually is not a priority for such families, and children cannot imagine how and why they shall become different from parents. Next, these children frequently have little access to education. Even if there is a public school nearby, kids are often entitled to work and earn some money to keep surviving. And last, families in extreme poverty frequently get support from the government or local organizations. It discourages them from searching a way out.

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The welfare system helps the poor to solve their problems today but does not influence tomorrow in any way. People are dependent on the aid they receive and do not search for other ways to solve the problem. One of such strategies is education. At least a high school and some technical school can make a demanded professional of those eager to learn. Parents do not have to pay for such education, and children will start working in a couple of years after graduating from high school. And they will earn much more than both of their parents put together. The only thing they need is learning. We shall make sure that all kids from poor families have an access to public schools. Students must be supported by the government or local organizations in the first place. A good education is a must whether families realize it or not.

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