July 1, 2016

How are people different from animals? Are animals better than people in any way?



People differ from animals due to the range of physical peculiarities. Here belong upright posture and much more developed brain which causes considerable differences in behavior. Unlike animals, humans are social beings that underlines their strong dependence on interaction with the others. More complicated nature of people reveals traits that are inherent only to humans, like ambitions, drive towards personal development, lust for money and appreciation.

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Differences between humans and animals do not evoke any doubt in the statement that human organism is much more sophisticated. Nevertheless, this thesis does not allow us to raise the value of people over the value of animals as well as other living beings on the earth. People cannot be called better than animals purely on the basis of their brain structure; these two classes are different even if they perfectly coexist together.

Nevertheless, watching behavior of our beloved pets we notice that they have a lot in common with us. Pets frequently display strong affiliation to their masters which resemble friendship between people. Besides, animals can feel gratitude, happiness, sorrow, offense, affection which can be concluded from their reaction to various external factors. They are considered to be perfect friends as, unlike humans, pets will never blame, accuse, or insult their masters.

There is a range of traits which underline spoiled nature of people as compared to animals. The laws of wild nature are often cruel, but we will never find an animal that tells lies, wrong-foots others, or strives to material privileges for no matter what. These and many more traits inherent to humans and associated with selfishness and greed will never occur in our interaction with animals.

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