May 28, 2016

Housing Policy



The value of housing has greatly increased over the last years. Not only Americans but also European citizens became more concerned about their rent, as modern household expenses tend to rise and take a considerable part of family incomes. Both homeowners and renters faced the problem of housing affordability which embraces almost every type of housing irrespective of the conveniences, infrastructure, educational and healthcare facilities available in the area. Families with low incomes face housing troubles, in the first place, which proves the system of subsidies to be inefficient.

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Expensive housing gives a boost to the other common problem such as homelessness. Inability to rent any accommodation makes people wander in the streets in search of a place to sleep at night. Increasing amount of homeless benefits to rising rate of thievery and criminal behavior. It also induces outbreaks of infectious diseases, as people on the wrong side of poverty are deprived of healthcare. Earlier public housing aimed at decreasing the number of homeless, but financial backing from the federal government has been recently cut down which does not contribute to solving the problem of poverty.

Housing policy of the US includes tax code for homeowners and federal subsidies for those households which income is considered to be low. Federal government distributes its expenditures for housing purposes in the following succession: subsidizing renters, then privately owned houses, and the last are public houses. Financial backing of programs for homeless is also included, though it is rather insufficient. Consequently, housing policy in the US has become more tough over the last decade which makes accomodations less affordable for an average homeowner or renter.

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