July 4, 2016

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Despite pollution is a frequently discussed topic that receives a considerable coverage in mass media, such closely related problem as utilization still does not attract much of the public attention. This problem is not new, though people started to think over the consequences of leaving non-recycled waists comparatively recently. Some countries like Germany claim the necessity of recycling and ensure it implementation by legislative acts. Nevertheless, many other industrially developed countries – the biggest producers of rubbish in the world, rather ignore this way of preserving environment and solve the problem by storing rubbish in waste deposits. These are distant areas that one day will become overcrowded with trash and there will be no clean place on our planet if we do not consider the matter of utilization seriously.

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Rubbish which is deposited in the fields has more than one dangerous perspective for the mankind as well as for wild nature. It concerns contamination of soils and water in the first place. Products of  breakdown of wastes easily reach our food as it is cultivated on ecologically-dangerous soils. The highest danger present toxic wastes which come from modern lamps and electronics. But still, very few countries can offer enough recycling facilities to utilize all goods containing dangerous metals like mercury.

The topic of recycling must be more enlightened in the media, so that the problem could move from the dead point. Implementation of wide network of recycling facilities is vital to many countries in Europe as well as to America and China. The authorities and non-governmental organizations must not oversee the impact of toxic substances on the health of entire nations.

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