May 11, 2018

Hansa Verses Swahili essay sample


To begin with, it is important to mention that Swahili and Hansa were two big trading cities. They shared a lot of similarities but also had a lot of differences as well. One of the reasons why this topic is so interesting is that their trading alliances were crucial to the political, cultural and economic development.

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Speaking about the differences, the following aspects should be mentioned in this respect: the type of items that were exchanged, the decisions made by their rulers as well as the system of supply export and exchange. For instance, one of the tasks of the Hanseatic League was to protect the interests of merchants. The desire to support them would sometimes even lead to battles. Speaking about Swahili, the situation was as follows: the ruler played a part in the affairs of merchants when he wanted to do so. What is more, the ruler of Swahili was the merchant himself which obviously meant that he kept the most profitable deal no matter what.

One of the most important things to highlight regarding the trading peculiarities in Hansa and Swahili is that protection was given when merchants were able to pay their dues and taxes. Speaking about those products which each of the cities traded, for Swahili it was silver and gold while for Hansa it was mostly iron, butter, fur, beer, copper and timber.

Taking everything into consideration, both Hansa and Swahili had differences and similarities in terms of how they approached the aspect of trade. What is more, the economic, political and cultural development of the region depended on those approaches as well as their implementation in life.

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