July 6, 2017

Goals of substance abuse programs essay sample



Patients with substance abuse do not always realize that something is wrong with their lifestyle. Their family, on the contrary, feels the urgent need to take actions and save their loved ones from complete physical and financial degradation. Organizations such as National Institute on Drug Abuse function to cooperate with patients and their families to get people out of trouble. But combating alcohol or drug abuse is a long and complicated process that puts numerous challenges before healthcare providers.

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The goals defined in most substance abuse programs are not purely medical. The prior thing that helps people understand substance abuse is its causes and consequences. To provide an effective treatment, doctors first define whether the reason for such a behavior was biological or social. Avoidance of the factor that caused abuse will help the patient to keep away from drugs after the medical treatment is over.

The next goal of specialized programs is to implement and support new preventative measures. It is impossible to alter individual genetic predisposition, but organizations can work on making the environment safer for the adolescents. This is the age when most patients start taking drugs for the first time, and health organizations shall insist on providing extensive campaign aimed at informing students about the risks.

The most important goal for medical providers is the development of new effective treatment. Drug abuse is a very individual issue, and there is no universal treatment applicable to all patients. Today we have treatments approved by FDA and NIH, but the search for a better one continues.

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