May 28, 2016

Globalization – same set of things found anywhere and everywhere in the world – the pros and cons of it

Globalization is reflected in each sphere of human life. Improvement in economic potential of any particular country, global trade and growth of export, raise of multinational corporations, better interchange of views and values between cultures – all these undeniable advantages became possible in the course of globalization. This process contributed both to societies and their individuals who obtained numerous innovative ways to arrange their everyday activities more efficiently and save more time for relaxation.

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Despite all revolutionary inventions,  globalization has also dragged negative effects that reveal themselves rather in long-term perspective. Instant appearance of potent industrial facilities exacerbated environmental problems around the world. It was instantly reflected in the global climate change which appeared to be far more than just new temperature regime. Global warming was proven to cause melting of glaciers on the earth which resulted in extinction of species and rise of sea level. Warming of the ocean surface led to exceptionally fierce tropical typhoons and hurricanes which regularly make a great damage to coastal inhabitants.

Having its advantages and disadvantages, globalization is agreed to be non-reversible process. People cannot step back and refuse from profits of industrialization. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to make investments in further development that will allow to run our industrial facilities on green power and boost economies alongside with preserving wild nature. It is not enough to appreciate or condemn globalization, it is important not to stop at the present level of technological development.

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