May 28, 2016

Gender inequality – why are men always portrayed as the bread winner and woman as a home maker in media and advertising



Despite a general tendency towards equality of people in a developed world, it has not been fully implemented yet, and we all are to be partially blamed in it. The truth is many of us like gossips and prejudice, and easily fit in an image created by mass media where behaviors and activities are distinguished according to the gender marker. Men are portrayed as high-fliers and women – as homemakers just because many people got used to live their lives according to this pattern and do not realize why exactly gender roles should be interchanged.

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Old stereotypes appeared to be stable images difficult to wash away out of human minds. And very frequently people are not ready to dispose of their previous way of life to accept modern reality. Gender inequality in its general sense is an insulting way of things for energetic and active women who seek for career heights or want to destroy stereotypes on principle, but still a lot of women do not object that they are better at managing around the house and taking care of kids than their husbands. That means, not each women is particularly offended by the existence of gender roles and generalized images depicted in mass media.

Gender equality is an essential human right which must be ensured by legislation. No none should be restricted in their activities purely on their gender. When all humans have equal chances and opportunities in education and career development, they should chose themselves which occupation they like best irrespective of whether it coincides with appropriate gender roles or not.

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