May 28, 2016

Gender Inequalities

Gender inequality can be found almost on every level of social life. Though gender roles which formed centuries ago are almost eradicated, they turned into gender bias and stereotypes which resist fulfillment of equal opportunities for men and women. The most frequently inequalities rise in employment and education fields.

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Major gender stereotype concerns occupations which are purely for men or women. According to the old belief men are supposed to be breadwinners and have a privilege of decision-making not only at work but also in family life. Women, on the other hand, should subject and obey to their husbands, give birth to children (preferably boys, though it depends on the culture), stay at home, take care of a kid, and manage all the household duties.

Taking into account bias on men getting higher education and building career, it continues to exist either as not all young women who apply to universities are considered to have the same eagerness and scientific potential as male applicants. And even those who were accepted can have lower qualification than their male group-mates. Not all career perspectives are open before women. In some cases employers expect toughness, quick thinking, exceptional intellectual skills and consider that female candidates can be vulnerable and unsuitable for a generously-payed position.

Today we observe as major gender inequalities become blurred and people start accepting men and women as equals. It is a normal thing when a man takes paternity leave to take care of newly born child, or when he lets his wife make career and earn money. Similarly, women can be found in the military services all over the world, thus they prove that there is no more place for gender bias in the modern world.


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