March 20, 2018

Gender and diversity in the workplace essay sample

Gender diversity in the workplace is the issue of business ethics. Giving equal rights to people irrespective of their gender and race is a basic step and not a privilege. There are multiple advantages of keeping the workforce diverse. It means more diverse education and experience that benefit teamwork. Diversity is also a high standard of corporate responsibility that gives an advantage for an ethical company in the market. But often employers consider other factors deliberately giving preference to female or male applicants.

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Statistically, we have problems with gender diversity in American companies. Positions in power traditionally lack women and people of color. Low-paid jobs in multiple industries are primarily occupied by lower-class women who have to support their family. Such division is common for organizations that got used to hiring people not on the basis of their education. Women are often considered to be a cheap workforce, and some employers make use of females who cannot find a good job for some reason. Usually, such organizations do not seek recognition of anyone and know best where their interest lies.

The good thing is, many companies feel entitled to behave ethically with their customers and staff. They do not want a bad word-of-mouth in the time when simple corporate responsibility can give them extra points in the market. But even in an ethically-healthy environment, gender and racial equality is hardly achievable. After all, companies hire applicants for their skills and knowledge, not for the gender they lack.

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