July 6, 2017

Fundamentals of effective written communication essay sample



Written communication is very routine if we consider chatting and e-mailing as such. At first sight, you do not have to be a skilled writer to maintain everyday online communication. But it is different when you communicate with partners or clients at work. You are very unlikely to send them a paper written letter in an envelope but all basic standards of business writing apply to e-mails as well. Though the means of communication have changed, the importance of putting ourselves clearly and respectfully in writing has not diminished.

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Good business writing always starts with a thorough planning and ends with an attentive revision. Communication on different levels of corporate hierarchy requires clarity and precision. If you write to someone else on business, you definitely want to convey an important idea. First, make the e-mail easy to read and comprehend. Do not create massive sentences and avoid using super sophisticated constructions in writing. If there are several points to convey, make the text structured, break it up into the paragraphs, highlight key points if necessary.

A business e-mail has a distinct formal style. In fact, it is not as refined as a legal letter, for example, but it is completely devoid of slang and jargon. At the same time, you have to keep the tone of voice warm and friendly. All individuals appreciate being addressed like people, not like impersonal machines. If you call the reader to actions, avoid commanding and put the interests of the reader first.

Effective business writing is not as easy as chatting with peers on Facebook but it certainly comes with practice. The more we learn to express ourselves precisely, the more structured become our thoughts too.

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