May 28, 2016




Feminism is a range of social and political movements around the world that promote issues of gender equality and women achieving equal opportunities with that of men. The first manifestation of feminism took place in the nineteenth century when suffragettes claimed that women should have a right to vote. And this event triggered a long chain of social transformations in which female population was continually assimilated in their abilities to males.

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A the very beginning of feminists era this social movement was considered as weird by authorities and conservative layers of society. Politicians and influential people could not get to the core why women need the same rights if they are married and have a husband who earns money and takes care of them. But sooner or later everything changes, and such change happened to an old tradition to treat men as subjects of decision-making in policy, economy, medicine, military, and others social dimensions.

Though the feminist movement has achieved its major goals, gender discrimination has not been beaten completely around the world. Legislation of developed countries underlines that all individuals are equal irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, race. Nevertheless, developing countries preserve old traditions by this time that creates a problem of women humiliation in Africa as well as many similar cases. Besides, not all ethnic groups have refused from arranged marriages which  exist due to the females being discriminated since ancient times.

Feminism is a productive movement that forced essential social and political changes. Today women can be found in numerous occupations previously considered as professions exceptionally for males, not even mentioning women participating in political and social activities.


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