July 4, 2016

Explain the consequences of obesity – both in society and personally



In the last few decades obesity became almost a disease of civilization. More and more people appear incapable of taking control over their weight, and it is quite common picture for American society in particular. It comes rather from inability to restrict ourselves in delicious food and lazy way of life which can possibly take its roots from increased well-being of average Americans. Obesity happens not only to adults, even more often the condition is diagnosed in children, not all of whom succeed in combating it. While the reasons are quite numerous, the consequences are not scanty as well.

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Obesity is harmful on both personal and social scales. Life of the whole nation goes into decay as the mortality rate increases. Besides, mortality becomes even younger, as cardiovascular diseases strike population under 60 years. Development of more new diseases caused by obesity cannot be ignored as they undermine health of the whole country. All these conditions are likely to make an impact upon heredity which means that future generations are unlikely to be healthier than we are.

On the personal level obesity cuts down quality of life. It is not only sad to realize that a person is ill, obesity also restricts our possibilities and makes life less comfortable. For example, it is very inconvenient to sweat enormously in summer which is a common problem of corpulent people. And, of course, such individuals much more often develop inferiority complex and social phobia as they consider themselves being unattractive, in most cases. Due to this evidence we can claim that no positive impact can occur to people with excessive weight.

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