May 28, 2016




Social exclusion is natural for every society, even if it is not multinational. Marginalization, depriving of certain rights and needs according to different appearance, physical or mental abilities, views than that of a majority is social exclusion. This concept is linked to discrimination in most cases as it deals with limited rights of racial, sexual, religious minorities as compared to the major population of any country. Exclusion often drags humiliation, inequality, social deprivation.

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The most obvious example of exclusion shows us women limited in their ability to earn money. Employers frequently prefer male candidates to females due to additional spending on maternity leave and presumably lower intellectual abilities than in males. People with various disabilities make the other vivid example of marginalization. Areas unadjusted for people with special needs (absence of lifts, special tracks at supermarkets and other public places) exclude those who cannot move themselves from visiting such places. Besides, rejection of individuals with intersexual orientation often takes place in search for a job, entering various groups, and even in communicating with peers. Interpersonal communication, actually, is another area where exclusion is nourished as nowhere else. It can be clearly visible on the example of teenagers who can bully and humiliate kids with unappealing appearance, of different skin color, or whose parents are somehow socially excluded too.

Exclusion can be referred to as a negative phenomenon if it concerns racial or sexual discrimination. Nevertheless, there are cases when exclusion is a sound decision, like depriving prisoners of their voting right.

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