July 4, 2016

Every student should be required to take a performing arts course



Performing arts are no less creative and even more impressive than visual or any other arts. Ability to perform on the stage is not inherent to every individual; it is rather a gift that singles out really talented people among their environment. Performing arts are not counted as a full-fledged school subject, so that they are obligatory at the academies of arts or some private educational establishments which consider them as significant. Nevertheless, really few students try themselves at this type of activity due to their laziness or lack of time. For this reason a debate on importance of performing arts at an average American high school has been started by educators.

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Acting, singing or dancing are considered rather as hobbies in our society. However, except for creativity these arts also help to develop social and communication skills. Surely, not every person is able to become a singer or actor; on the other side, it is not the objective for performing arts courses. Acting will help students to fight fears in front of the audience; at the same time such activity will teach how to work in team, communicate both verbally and non-verbally, interact with people who do not reply.

Every high school should provide at least one compulsory term of performing arts courses for their students. Surely, there will be kids who just have no potential in this area; nevertheless, they should try and see, as many of them will be eager to continue with performing at the stage. Performing arts should be required everywhere so that students could reveal their potential if they have such.


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