June 5, 2018

Emily Dickinson ‘Because I could not stop for death’. Essay sample


The poem ‘Because I could not stop for death’ by Emily Dickinson was first published in 1890. What is interesting to highlight regarding the subject under consideration is that the title of the poem is also its first line. What is more, it is one of the longest poems written by Emily Dickinson.

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This is a typical Emily Dickinson poem because it is full of dashes both at the end and between the lines. Speaking about the theme of the poem, Emily Dickinson dwelt upon death in the poem.

What should also be highlighted regarding the gist of the poem is that Emily Dickinson takes the reader on some sort of a mysterious journey into a world that exists beyond time. In addition, the reader encounters the character named Death. He is male and he is the one who drives the carriage. When analyzing this part of the poem, it becomes obvious that this passage is a transportation from one world to another. What is more, it provides the reader with a supernatural experience.

What is vital to mention is that several poems written by Emily Dickinson deal with the subject of death. It can even be said that she had a particular interest in exploring this topic rather deeply. When the speaker encounters Death, they are not afraid which is a very significant moment in the whole poem. Besides, Death is presented as a kind person who takes care of the passenger.

Taking everything into consideration, Emily Dickinson deals with the issues of death and eternity in her poem ‘I could not stop for death’. Death is personified and presented as a character in the poem.

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