June 5, 2018

Downloading music without permission is morally equivalent to theft. Essay sample


The issue of downloading music illegally has quite often been the subject of a heated debate. Even though it is quite obvious that any illegal activity should not be done by any member of the society, there are some advocates of illegal music downloading.

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Yet, the most significant aspect to highlight regarding the subject under consideration is that downloading music illegally is basically stealing as a person takes something that is not theirs and does not provide any form of payment for it. Thus, it can be classified as theft.

Taking into account the fact that we live in the era of rapid technology development, it is not surprising that there are tons of options online to download music for free. However, it does not justify such actions in any way. The thing is that a musician or a band have done huge amounts of work and have spent a lot of time so that to write and release music which is the reason why they deserve to be paid for that.

The main problem is that a lot of people are still not accustomed to paying for any kind of content be it music, film or books. That is the reason why the most important thing to be done regarding the issue in question is to transform the way in which people view content online as well as to finally prove why it is vital to pay for it.

Taking everything into account, there is no doubt that downloading music without permission is both morally and legally wrong. That is the reason why it is equivalent to theft and more should be done in order to tackle this problem.


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