July 1, 2016

Does wealth bring happiness, or does happiness bring wealth?



Emotional well-being is definitely connected with financial wealth. Though some people deny this fact, the others prove that it is highly realistic. Every individual has their own definitions of happiness and perception of factors affecting it. Thus, some people with low incomes believe they could have solved a number of problems and live a happy life if they had a better salary; some wealthy people, on the contrary, get bored with their luxurious routine and strongly doubt that money affects emotional state, otherwise they would not feel so miserable. Nevertheless, to discover the actual role of money in our spiritual harmony it is necessary to restore some balance between the rich and poor.

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We cannot buy happiness for money – this statement is, certainly, correct when we refer to the highest moral values, however, it may imply further interpretations. Let us assume that for an average individual from Western society happiness embraces physical and emotional well-being, interaction with family and close friends, success in career. And all these processes can be enhanced and contributed to by rational spending of money. Nobody doubts that we invest a lot in making our place comfortable and ensuring high standards of life for ourselves which directly influences our mood. Besides, taking care of family is one of the highest priorities for many of us, and it is also achieved by spending money. Let us imagine the state of a person who helped their beloved ones to combat a mortal disease by having a large sum of money donated or collected by volunteers – their happiness is actually endless. Even this sad but common example underlines a crucial role money plays in our happiness and private life.

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