July 4, 2016

Does our mood affect your memory?



Various mental processes are closely interrelated between each other, which explains why our body can properly react to the external factors and make a reasonable response. On similar pattern our mood and memory depend on each other. On the first sight, it seems strange how such different cognitive processes can have something in common, nevertheless, quite enough research has been made in this area which confirmed the hypothesis of scientists.

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Due to the general theory, being in high spirits can result in limited working memory. This thesis was experimentally proven after the testers had been shown videos evoking different emotions and had been asked to memorize some data after that. The group which was shown a horror movie performed better for some reasons. Though, the explanation for such results can be not much sophisticated. Apparently, feeling negative emotions stimulates production of adrenaline and cortisol which make more glucose to be accepted by brain. Consequently, when we are distressed not only our heart but also brain works fast; it can even activate certain areas that were inactive until the provoking situation occurred. This explains why people in shock can do or remember things they could not even imagine in their normal state.

Despite surprising results from researchers, good mood is not bad for our mental activity at all. In the first place, endorphins are released in our body; they interact with brain cells and reduce pain, for example. Besides, high spirits are likely to increase other mental processes like creative thinking or decision making. Nevertheless, the best option for adequate memorizing is to find aurea mediocritas in our emotional state and concentrate on our tasks.

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