June 28, 2016

Does money matter in our life?



A number of rhetoric questions we usually ask refer to financial well-being. It is quite obvious as nowadays we usually overestimate material values and neglect things which we cannot buy for money. Nevertheless, today buying ability has considerably stretched towards the spheres which never associated with financial opportunities before. Certainly, we use money to arrange almost every sphere of our life: we manage household, improve our health, take care of others, and rest in our free time according to how much goods or services we can pay for. And for this reason it would be rather unwise to claim that the role money plays in our life is superficial.

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As many people became obsessed with buying items, advocates of morality became anxious about such type of behavior. Ensuring basic human rights, preserving interrelations in family, interacting with friends and many other pleasures we appreciate above all, certainly, remain apart from our wealth which proves that it is impossible to measure our life by mere sums of money we earn and spend. Nevertheless, the niche occupied by money in our everyday life is vast enough to prove its importance.

The amount of our salary really matters as in most modern societies social programs usually cover a small part of expenses. As a matter of fact, an average American spends more than fifty percent of their incomes for the basic needs which include housing or rent, expenses for healthcare, nutrition, education etc.. For many of them only a small part remains for entertainment and some luxurious products that give a lift to their spirits. That is why money really matters, especially for population whose salaries are lower than average, not even mentioning citizens of developing countries.

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