November 29, 2017

Does a person’s belief in life after death impact their attitudes toward dying? essay sample


There is no doubt that a person’s belief in life after death influences their attitude towards dying. Those people who believe in life after death are definitely going to state that death itself is simply a transition from one life to another. What should also be highlighted is that quite often they consider their life on Earth as not the main one or not the most important one.

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Apart from that, a lot of people believe in reincarnation which means that they will come back to this life but in some other form: a bird, an animal or even a stone. Surely, a huge amount of people does not believe that there is life after death. Thus, for them life simply ends after death.

Anyway, all these points of view deserve to exist as we cannot dictate which one is right and which one is wrong. Besides, we simply do not know that. In case you want to familiarize yourself with detailed information regarding each of these theories, feel free to go to …

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