March 20, 2018

Difference between mergers and acquisitions essay sample

At some point, companies may find their resource insufficient to carry on. Every entrepreneur targets at no less than growth and development for their company and no one is willing to shut their business down whatever happens. In case of need, two companies may decide to merge. A merger happens when two separate businesses combine their forces to create a stronger united organization. Partnering organizations create mergers when they find it profitable for each of them. After all, transforming into a joint company is better than being pushed out of the market or becoming bankrupt.

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Acquisition is something completely different. It happens when one company is consumed by another, more potent one. Acquisition is a pity to the company that is taken over as it loses its identity and assimilates with the head-company. It takes over all the operational management and decisions of the other company and grows instantly. Actually, acquisition happens when one business purchases another business. It can be profitable to both parties when the acquired business is on the verge of collapse. Acquisition can help save workplaces that would be gone in case the business falls down.

In practice, mergers are often spoken of with the positive connotation while acquisitions mean someone bears losses. Indeed, friendly mergers do not happen so frequently. Two companies that can perfectly function on their own do not wish to have anyone intruding in their affairs. Since acquisitions bear a negative connotation and mergers do not happen so often, it became common to call any corporate restructuring mergers and acquisitions.

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