July 4, 2016

Democracy is the best form of government



Debates on which form of government shall be called the best have started long ago. Arguments between adherents of democracy, monarchy, dictatorship still continue to evoke interest of observers. Apparently, very few nationalities feel that they live in a perfect society when total majority of the world population are certain that system of government in their country is a long way from being impeccable. According to the common belief, the best standard of living is implemented in any other country but for our own. And this is the precise reason why whole societies are deeply disappointed with leaders and their reforms.

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Democratic system of government has certain privileges over any other form. Unlike many people believe, democracy is not an anarchy caused by absence of any strict authoritarian leader. The rule of people, which is the literal interpretation of this term, is usually achieved by highly civilized means. The core thing is that in democratic society the whole authority is elected by the majority of citizens which means that the government comprises trusted and reputable politicians. As in any other system, the country is ruled by president and parliament the full authorities of which differs according to the type of democracy. Nevertheless, such form of government remains quite popular and positively treated by all layers of democratic society.

Obviously, every democracy works well on the condition that no corruption and other obstacles stand in the way. Moreover, as well as any other form of government, democracy has its own peculiarities and drawbacks which are clear to people who know how their own democratic society works. But even if this form of government cannot win the title of the best system, it is still very fair, attentive to implementation of laws and well-being of an average citizen.

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