July 6, 2017

Customer relationship management practices essay sample



Collecting data from customers and analyzing their interactions is an inevitable part of effective marketing. It is performed by means of customer relationship management. Successful interaction between businesses and customers is a must for customer retention and boosting sales, therefore, companies care about the efficiency of their CRM practices. In the digital age, we have a plenty of tools to find out what the customer purchases and what are their expectations. Customers are regularly informed about news and updates per e-mail, social media or telephone. The feedback is collected from the website as well as telephone, e-mail, live chat, social media. Except for the feedback, businesses commonly operate with customer’s personal data and purchase history.

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The essence of CRM lies in collecting specific information through a variety of channels and storing it in a single database. Companies may use on-premises CRM software that ensures maintenance and administration of the database on the company’s own servers. Otherwise, businesses may rely on cloud-based CRM software that allows storing the database on the external remote server. Maintenance through the cloud is easy to perform and suitable for companies that lack extensive technological resources in house.

CRM is commonly treated as a responsibility of sales teams and call center agents. Today, social media marketing specialists have taken over interaction with clients through social media channels. Websites like Facebook may perform the functions of customers support or mailout. Social media are a suitable place to create customers communities where the customer can share their experience, communicate with the support members or other customers. Mobile apps are another helpful tool to establish the connection between the business and the customer. People find them easy to use, and companies do not lose a chance to be even closer to the customers.

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