July 6, 2017

Conflict management techniques essay sample



Conflicts normally arise in all settings uniting two people and more. Either a small household or small business, conflicts may have a crucial impact on micro-social structures. Apparently, it is impossible to prevent conflicts – there are no two people alike in the world but still, we all need to interact. Instead, we can timely address and resolve situations that emerge.

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The first strategy to refer in resolving conflicts is accommodating. Here, one side of the conflict agrees to the conditions of the other side. It is a reasonable solution for the problems that are not worth arguing. Accommodating is common for families or for companies if the issue under the discussion is nothing critical.

One more way to resolve the conflict is to avoid it. Avoidance is deliberate ignoring of the problem, in which one side hopes that the situation resolves itself and confrontation will not be exacerbated.

If the conflict must be addressed after all, the sides try to collaborate. People integrate their idea and try to develop the solution suitable for everyone. Collaboration may create a good working solution, however, it requires a considerable time commitment. Not all businesses really have the time to work out such time-consuming decisions.

If there is no time for collaborating, the parties may always compromise. In this scenario, sides of the conflict give up some of their position to reach the agreeable solution. Parties may not fully enjoy the compromise but it looks fair to both of them.

In case of emergency, parts of the conflicts can subject to the competition. If the number of conflicts is limited, competition is quite effective – one side wins and the other loses, which is especially useful for corporations.

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