July 6, 2017

College students should be grateful to their family for the opportunity to go to college essay sample



College education is a popular trend today, reasonable from the economic and developmental point of view. Millions of high school students apply to colleges every year, and take it as a challenging experience. They have to present an informative CV to admission officers and pass admission tests successfully. Their GPA obtained at high school also matters in the selection. But children are not the only people who try hard in admission. Their parents frequently take loans to allow their children such a basic but luxurious thing as a higher education.

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In some cases, you do not know who takes more pressure from a college education – students who learn or parents who pay off the debt. Many families are unable to ever pay it back with their average salaries. In most cases, students end up paying off their own debt instead of renting accommodations or making first investments. It seems like nothing to be grateful for. But still, does the quality of higher education correspond its fee?

Apparently, college degree is the only way to go for those interested in sciences, fine arts, technology, and business. Not all occupations from these fields are highly-paid, nevertheless, students like them. And they want to pursue in this precise career they have chosen. There is no way they can enter a technical school if they do not intend to become craftspeople in their life.

Realizing all difficulties their families take on with higher education, children are grateful to their parents indeed. College is an expensive journey, and if you are motivated to come through it, you have to be grateful to everybody who gave you their support.

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