March 20, 2018

Ballet VS Contemporary dance essay sample

Despite ballet and contemporary dance are related, they look quite different. To start with, ballet is a classic dance that developed during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century. It is still performed at the stage as a kind of visualization technique for a classical piece of music carefully composed for dancing. Ballet is a story; it has a plot, its development, and climax. Dancers make strong leg movement completing an impressive picture with exquisite costumes and dramatic music. Many people like ballet for its luxury and drama. The dancers look like superhumans with their movements highlighting the highest level of mastery.

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Contemporary dance is a very popular artistic genre today, but it has little in common with the classical dancing tradition. It derived from modern dance in the 1950s and appeared as a fusion of classical, modern, and jazz styles. Contemporary requires loose clothes, free movements, some improvisation, and innovative settings. This dance often does not tell any stories but exposes dancers in their natural beauty. Strong leg movements are replaced with an image of a powerful torso. Dancers move with ease and grace even though not supported by grand costumes or decorations. Contemporary dance is often performed solo in competitions.

There are many distinctions between classical and contemporary arts, and dance is not an exception. However, looking at both dances, we may find a few common features. Clear-cut and airy leg movements unite the ballet and contemporary dance. Looking at dancers, we may imagine that they must weight almost nothing with such movements. In both cases, the music is mostly slow, which helps to fill it with extra emotions in dance.

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