July 9, 2018

Atlantic Trade Slave impact on the Europeans and Africans. Essay sample


The Atlantic Trade Slave was the movement of millions of Africans to the New World. It was a huge historical event which had its impact both on Africans and on Europeans.

Speaking about its impact on Africans, the main points to highlight as the following ones: the movement itself was a fundamental event before and after it happened and the process became a marginal factor in the history of the region. What is particularly vital to highlight is that a lot of wealthy people in Africa obviously made a lot of money during this period of time as they were involved in the process of selling salves. Surely, it did not have any positive effects on the economy of the region. The region was dealing with the process of economic stagnation at that time.

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The Atlantic Slave Trade also had an impact on Europeans. Taking into account the fact that Great Britain was involved in the process, it becomes obvious why the country experienced economic transformation at that time. What should also be specified is that it was also the period of industrialization which meant that a lot of cotton mills were working on cheap cotton that was mainly produced by slaves in the New World. Great Britain needed that cheap cotton in order to keep the process running. Besides, they did not want to spend a lot of money on all necessary materials.

All in all, the Atlantic Slave Trade had a negative impact on Africans and the region which is the reason why it took a lot of time to deal with its consequences.


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