July 1, 2016

Anticipation is often greater than realization



Anticipation and realization are two major mental processes we face on our way to achieving some goals or performing certain tasks. While we do our best to get to the aim we only anticipate possible outcomes and compare their chances. But when the job is done, realization of the achieved result does not always coincide with our prior predictions. According to this fact psychologists argue which of these two factors is more crucial for making a sound decision and developing mature  personality.

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Contrasting anticipation and realization we assume that both processes shall take place in personal progress. On the one hand, every individual must develop their anticipation, so that they could predict failure or unfortunate outcome of any activity at once. Realization will not help with making decisions concerning use of substances or conversion to any destructive behavior as it will be late to learn after the outcome had occurred. A person guided with sound anticipation is always able to avoid negative results. On the other hand, realization often refers to the experience of other people with the help of which we develop ideas according to how things surrounding us work.

Solving various problems we shall rely on our anticipation the accuracy of which depends on numerous factors. In the first place, it is our general knowledge in every particular field we deal with. Our own past experience and the one adopted from trusted people also can transfer into the area of anticipation when we try to draw analogies between various cases.

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